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As the internet reaches billions of people everyday,it has both positive and negative impacts.Let us leave negatives and be optimistic.There are million good things in internet.One such thing is learning source.Most of us feel overwhelmed by these huge sources and don't know which one to choose.Some sources are not authentic and may destroy your existing knowledge.Some people may not get opportunity to study the course they want in particular top colleges.If you have determination you can study in home without going to college at all.For that e-learning is the best way.The era of going to colleges is over.There are lots of e-learning websites are there out and top colleges are providing e-learning sources.Some of the best websites for e-learning are:

                  As you know MIT is the top technical institute of the world,its open courses also are the best and won't disappoint you.It does not have "interacting with others" feature.It has source that's all.You can download all videos and can study on your own.These lectures are the lectures taught in MIT,even it provides information about in which semester it was taught.So you will have original learning experience as in college.

                  It is also the best resource site having lot of free video lectures.Site's navigation is best of all.It is also preferred the most by students around world.It provides lectures which are divided into lessons which will be useful for revision.

                  Its impact on e-learning is huge.It is used by masses today and continuously growing day-by-day.It coordinates all open courses provided by top universities and institutes across the globe.It also provides certificate for successful completion of courses.Courses have timing,so you should keep track of your preferred courses regularly.It's signature track course's certificates have good value and have credits.Coursera is trying to increase the value of its certificates these days.So join coursera today itself.

                 This website provides courses from prestigious institutes around the world such as MIT,Harvard,Berkeley,etc.,In this website you have to strictly adhere to class timetable and assignments.More like an class from home.It provides best courses of all sites.

                 Open yale courses offers great variety of subjects.You can download videos or watch online.PDF and lecture notes are also available which are so helpful.Here also videos are divided into chapters.No need to signup to take course like other websites.You can easily download the lectures.

               Youtube most viewed video site also have great deal of lectures uploaded by huge universities around the globe.Videos are categorized into various topic,still searching the best lectures would be difficult job for learner.Neverthless it is the huge resource any learner would need.

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Written by: v.raja sekar
Education And Entertainment, Updated at: Sunday, July 21, 2013


  1. very good information.searching for these specific websites for long time.thanks