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So what is Technorati?

              Technorati  is actually a search engine just like Google,Yahoo but primarily a search engine of Blogs that have RSS feed and have been claimed on Technorati.
                           note: search engine of blogs

What is Technorati's use?
                     Technorati is a great source of information like all search engines but mainly based on blogs.
                         If you want to search for some valuable information for research,project Technorati is for you.Since blogs are being approved(claimed) by  Technorati spam blogs or blogs which have no useful information won't be there in Technorati which according to me is the main advantage of Technorati and time saver for us.
                         note: no spam blogs in Technorati

For a blogger:
                  For a blogger,there are great advantages of Technorati, where your has to be there just like Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc., 
                        It should be noted that Technorati has high page rank of 8 .So backlinks from Technorati are highly useful for your site.If you are new to blogging,traffic from Technorati will be helpful to build your audience.
                      So you have to make your site listed on Technorati's blogger directories. For that you have to claim your blog in Technorati(see here for how to claim your blog in Technorati )
               note: backlinks from technorati is worth the same as being listed in their directory
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Technorati Tags:
                 After you listed(claimed) your website or blog in Technorati,it's very important to know about tags.Tags in Technorati are same as everywhere:used to categorize your posts besides tags play an important role in placing of your blog in particular category in directories.
                       You can provide numerous(appropriate) tags to your post so that your post has high visibility among audience
                       note: Tags increase visibility of your blog.

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Technorati Authority:
  • Technorati Authority measures your site's or blog's influence in blogosphere.
  • Technorati Authority is available for general listing as well as for topical listing.
  • Technorati Authority is mainly based on site's quality links and on the basis of topic of discussion at the present moment.
  • Technorati Authority  is on the scale of 0-1000,1000 being the highest possible authority.

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Technorati Rank:
  • Technorati Rank is the rank among Technorati authority of all sites and blogs.1 is the highest rank possible.
  • Topical ranks are also available according to blog's main topic.  
for more information:FAQ's                  
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Written by: v.raja sekar
Education And Entertainment, Updated at: Thursday, July 11, 2013


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