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Situated in tanjore (tanjavur) in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is popularly known as Big Temple and also suitable for it. It is being considered as the pride for Indian architecture. It was built by Arulmozhivarman popularly known as Raja Raja Chozhan, founder of chozha (chola) empire in India. This temple was dedicated to lord Shiva. It is best tourist destination in India for foreigners after Goa and Taj Mahal.
It has a mystery still unsolved by today’s architectures. It was built by a granite stone, strongest of all. Tanjavur is a plain region, granite has to be carried from 100 mile distance which is very difficult even today. It is proposed that numerous elephants were used but there is a river to cross for which we have no answer. Even we have very less facility to cut that stone. What they did on that day you know? They made small holes in straight line around big stone and inserted wood in them and poured water, because of expansion in wood stone will break. Think of doing this to tons and tons of stones. Damn sure nobody could do that today. And also they sculptured definitive sculptures in that stone beautifully. Think of the genius of those people. Its vimana (tower head) is itself 60m built on a single stone. Till now, nobody knows how they erected that stone to that height. So many underground passages were built connecting various important places like fort along with booby traps so that only king knows exact path. The temple includes so many painting which were painted by natural colours plant powders. The king developed arts in temple like bharathanatiyam, poetry there. It is considered as the purest form of Dravidian architecture. His son Rajendra Chozha, the only king who captured most of today’s India(apart from ashoka), also built similar temple in gangai konda chozhapuram (chozha who have the ganges) as like father. INCREDIBLY, tanjore temple was built in only 5 (1004-1009AD) years which is impossible even today. Consider the people of greatness in Chozha kingdom. Like this so many excellence is there in our world which we will see in this blog. Enjoy our beautiful world.


Written by: v.raja sekar
Education And Entertainment, Updated at: Friday, January 04, 2013