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Anyone in the world,at any time of their life mainly in childhood would think of magic. Everyone can admit that. One of the magic we would have thought about is invisibility cloak which is used in many fantasy, science fiction movies popularly Harry Potter series. But think of it coming in reality! Yes it is possible, most of the researchers  now can do that. Light waves can be guided around an object to be hidden, in such a way that this object appears to be non-existent. Yes advance of meta materials (man-made materials having properties not in nature) in nanotechnology made it realistic. Till now researchers are concentrating on electromagnetic waves (light waves) only.            
But Researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) expanded this idea to elastic waves like sound waves. Think of invisibility cloak made Harry’s noise also unhearable!The researches made it possible for acoustic waves also(sound). “The key to controlling waves is to specifically influence their local speed as a function of the ‘running direction’ of the wave,” says Dr. Nicolas Stenger from the Institute of Applied Physics (AP). It also uses our common knowledge that sound waves unlike other waves cannot be absorbed or reflected. Optical invisibility cloak uses wonderful carbon nanotube fashions -- fresh from the UTD Nanotech Institute fall 2011 collection. This new technology is inspired by the same natural phenomena responsible for desert mirages. These materials are tinier than the wavelength of waves so that when properly constructed can guide the stream of waves around the object making it to look like they pass through the object. Still scientists can only produce micrometer size of cloaks which can be used practically. But we can surely expect soon we can have invisibility cloaks in our home itself which will be really amazing!


Written by: v.raja sekar
Education And Entertainment, Updated at: Sunday, January 06, 2013


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