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First of all,math books are not novels not even comparable to biology or physics books.Unlike those books which present matters elaborate manner can make you grasp the topic even if you skip one or two words.But this won't work with any maths book.In Elementary mathematics,we used to study only prescribed school books but when you move out of that,you should start reading books otherwise you can't stand a chance in mathematics world.

Leave problem solving for now.First thing don't skip a single sentence or single word in definition part or theorem part as it will damage everything you studied.

Secondly,most importantly take notes don't highlight(be concentrate while taking notes).Notes means not like in physics books,take most important theorems you come across in that chapter along with definition.Don't take illustrations.If you take notes you will remember that theorem more probably than while highlighting.

Organize your  notes properly by linking all related theorems and keeping definition of terms as you like(words or symbols). After taking notes it's more easy to look through what you learned easily that by going through book again.While taking notes,make sure you go through illustrations properly(it may seem more easy but don't neglect it)

At last problem solving which makes you perfect in that topic.Actually more prefer learning topic by solving problem.Its not correct,because it will give notion of particular theorem's related to that problem only.But all theorems will have so many inner meaning that you won't get in this way.First study theorems properly and learn its meaning and uses clearly then solve problems.

Time  is main concept here as each book will have thousands of problems.Take key first.Look through each problem without looking key.See that problem nature and point out theorems useful to solve the problem and it will finish probably 70% of the problem and continue to do problem by finding the trick(way) it needs(as it's only thing differs between problems) and at middle itself you will get the notion of nature of solution and see the key if the length of problem is too big otherwise continue it till the last.Its always better to buy solution book.If your answer is wrong don't hesitate to look in the solution books(after going through silly mistakes) since there are other thousand problems to solve.Its the only way to solve a problem and remember the trick which you can't bring before.But before looking solution book you should attend that problem atleast once genuinely.This technique will greatly solve the time.If there are more than 6 or 7 questions of same type(which you feel)do just 2 to 3 that's enough.Remember the problem trick's which you did wrong before seeing solution book as it will reduce this habit again.


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Written by: v.raja sekar
Education And Entertainment, Updated at: Wednesday, June 05, 2013


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